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First thing about the D-log is that in Finland this style of log has very limited market and it is almost solely made to export markets. Consequently this means that production volumes compared to round or planed or laminated logs are very small. This tends to keep the D-log profile prices higher than other profiles. What about the companies that do manufacture D-logs…


Honkatalot has D-log in their product slate. From this crew of three I would lift Honkatalot as the most profilic manufacturer with reasonably big turnover. They have very extensive product slate and very wide sales network. This is also their achilles heel as the company doesn’t have all the necessary resources to keep all the product lines going constantly. Nothing wrong with that, but when you over extend your reach there is a real danger that you are not able to reach full potential. This fact is the same for people and companies alike. Honkatalot has a long and winding history with different ownership arrangements, but now their situation seems to be relatively stable.

Ikihirsi is one of the companies that manufactures D-logs. I don’t know much about this company, but they do have factory and relatively large output. Recent years their turnover has been few million euros. They have a lot of complexity with the products that they manufacture, so it might be a good alternative.

Honkamajat is a new addition to the list. I got a comment from them in November 2010 confirming the fact that they provide D-logs. This information cannot be found on their website. Check the comments to find their remarks.

The Original Log Cabin Homes

Just came to my mind that there is actually a big log cabin home manufacturer, which almost spells the name of this site. However, I am confident that aspiring log home owners won’t mix these two sites. After all, if people come here looking for log cabin homes, they will be guided to the Log Cabin Homes Ltd. or given information about log cabin homes in general. No manufacturing or sales competition here boys.

I would like to give all the possible kudos for the company for choosing such an excellent location – Rocky Mount. You can’t get more rustic, can you? I don’t know about you, but for a Finnish lad who never excelled in the geography of the U.S.A, Rocky Mount sounds a lot like Rocky Mountains. Glance at map proves my intuition wrong, but the labeling is already done. As I go to the company website, they follow their name and address with obligatory terms like tranquility, convenience, personal, tradition etc. I’m already sold to the idea of Log Cabin Homes.

As a private company, Log Cabin Homes doesn’t need to publish detailed financials. This is good, because they own a herd of buffalos, which double as company’s symbol, and having buffalos can be costly. One more thing, company was established as late as 1987 and therefore it doesn’t really belong to the group of traditional and old American companies.