First thing about the D-log is that in Finland this style of log has very limited market and it is almost solely made to export markets. Consequently this means that production volumes compared to round or planed or laminated logs are very small. This tends to keep the D-log profile prices higher than other profiles. What about the companies that do manufacture D-logs…


Honkatalot has D-log in their product slate. From this crew of three I would lift Honkatalot as the most profilic manufacturer with reasonably big turnover. They have very extensive product slate and very wide sales network. This is also their achilles heel as the company doesn’t have all the necessary resources to keep all the product lines going constantly. Nothing wrong with that, but when you over extend your reach there is a real danger that you are not able to reach full potential. This fact is the same for people and companies alike. Honkatalot has a long and winding history with different ownership arrangements, but now their situation seems to be relatively stable.

Ikihirsi is one of the companies that manufactures D-logs. I don’t know much about this company, but they do have factory and relatively large output. Recent years their turnover has been few million euros. They have a lot of complexity with the products that they manufacture, so it might be a good alternative.

Honkamajat is a new addition to the list. I got a comment from them in November 2010 confirming the fact that they provide D-logs. This information cannot be found on their website. Check the comments to find their remarks.


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  2. Tore

    Thanks, Jake. I also got positive answers to request to the following companies about their ability to deliver DD-logs, but I do not know if they make it themselves or get it from some other companies :
    Aurora loghouses – Say they are able to adapt their equipment to produce it.
    Rosendahl Talot – Can offer DD-log, but a little lower height than the other ones (more curvature ?).
    KultaHirsi – Able to deliver, but not in their regular portifolio

  3. Jake Post author

    Thank you to you Tore. I got to learn a whole bunch of stuff too.

    I’m fine with the most of these examples, except Rosendahl. This company has been in some rough water one could say they’ve gone through maelstrom of financial trouble. I personally saw an ad in Kauppalehti (the main financial newspaper in Finland) where Rosendahl manufacturing halls and brand name were offered for sale. Usually you see those tiny black and white announcements when something is terribly wrong.

    Also a few years back they had an ordeal where they sold many log cabins in the autumn and winter time to be delivered in the summer. When the time of deliveries came they announced bankruptcy and kept the advances. Interesting business ethics to say the least. Today the situation might be different, but I am already biased.

    I edited the layout a bit… it was just a long piece of text that made my eyes tired :)

  4. Jake Post author

    Teija, thanks for this confirmation. I’m sure that the readers will find this information useful while looking for Finnish D-log manufacturers.

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  6. Tom Milne

    I recently saw a Grand Design program on British Channel 4. It was a Finish log house with newspaper insulation. I am trying to find the manufacturer.

    We run homes for people with learning difficulties and wooden homes would be easier to keep repairing and they seem easier to erect. We are thinking of a 4/5 bedroom house but built in blocks of 4 houses sharing a site.

    Have you any information or ideas.


  7. Jake Post author

    Hello Tom,

    The company featured in Grand Designs is called Mellilän Hirsityö. They use Erlund House as their brand name. They have a long history but have remained a small family-owned company. Their yearly turnover is approximately 600-800 thousand euros, so volume house supplier they are not. Actually here in Finland 600-800 thousand euro might be the total construction budget for one completed detached house.

    Also consider bigger companies (Honka, Kontio, Finnlamelli, Honkatalot or even Estonian Finnlog) with frequent deliveries to England. You will find the response to any claims much more prompt and agreeable because possible mishaps can be fixed with late-deliveries combined to some other house project deliveries.

    Depending on your geographic location it could also be possible that you could become an agent for the factory. After all, you would have quite a few houses to show for interested parties. Russian market is currently very bad so manufacturers are looking for new markets where to sell all that extra capacity. England has the reputation of having a burning hot higher end housing market. Custom log houses could be part of that residential housing boom.

    Recycled wood fiber is very common insulation material here in Finland – Termex and Ekovilla are the most popular products in this field.

    If you are considering a log house, please remember that logs are actually quite difficult to mend as you can’t just swap a log to a new one in the same ways as you would be able to do with wooden board or wooden panel house. Cleaning is also something to think about. I don’t know the age of those people with learning difficulties, but if there are kids interested in graffiti etc… well you got trouble.

    If for some reason you get a big chink to the side of the log, I would consider it a permanent mark not worth fixing. The good thing about the logs is that they can withstand quite heavy mechanical punishment before they degrade. When compared to a gypsum wall… an angry kick will go through a gypsum wall but a log wall could break the foot.

    Basically just some random thoughts… it is quite late here. :)

    If you have any drawings or sketches I can check them out and give you my opinion.


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