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Information and news about log houses and the log house industry especially in Finland.


A Finnish log house manufacturer was declared bankrupt about two weeks ago. Restructuring efforts failed and all their assets are going to be liquidated and sold to highest bidder or bidders. They will not make any deliveries for orders that have not been fullfilled yet.


This question usually asked in the privacy of a home. Unfortunately clients are on the bottom of the chain what comes to returning any money, which is owed to them. This means that what ever money client has pre-paid is very unlikely that any of it is paid back. Show me the money.

It is probably needless to point out that the unexpected loss of the house manufacturer also means a serious dent into the construction schedule. In a situation such as that one is bound to pay more attention to double checking the background of the supplier so expect slow progress. Give me a minute.


Every builder has checked at least two manufacturers while shopping the supplier. Now it is time to continue the project with the company that came second. Good luck.



First thing about the D-log is that in Finland this style of log has very limited market and it is almost solely made to export markets. Consequently this means that production volumes compared to round or planed or laminated logs are very small. This tends to keep the D-log profile prices higher than other profiles. What about the companies that do manufacture D-logs…


Honkatalot has D-log in their product slate. From this crew of three I would lift Honkatalot as the most profilic manufacturer with reasonably big turnover. They have very extensive product slate and very wide sales network. This is also their achilles heel as the company doesn’t have all the necessary resources to keep all the product lines going constantly. Nothing wrong with that, but when you over extend your reach there is a real danger that you are not able to reach full potential. This fact is the same for people and companies alike. Honkatalot has a long and winding history with different ownership arrangements, but now their situation seems to be relatively stable.

Ikihirsi is one of the companies that manufactures D-logs. I don’t know much about this company, but they do have factory and relatively large output. Recent years their turnover has been few million euros. They have a lot of complexity with the products that they manufacture, so it might be a good alternative.

Honkamajat is a new addition to the list. I got a comment from them in November 2010 confirming the fact that they provide D-logs. This information cannot be found on their website. Check the comments to find their remarks.


This post is to answer a question recently left to the site over at the post called In English. There Tore asks information about Aurora House, which is also known as Revontulitalot Ltd. Also he is interested to know whether there are other D-log manufacturers in Finland. Since this is a pretty open question I try to tackle it with two separate answers first to the Revontulitalot Oy…


Pellopuu was started as a family company way back in 1952 to manufacture and sell wooden products. It took tens of years before the company had any significant growth but in the end they managed to grow up into a sizeable log house manufacturer. However the company fell into a financial trouble and eventially into a bankruptcy in 1999. After several different developments the Pellopuu is now part of Armas Kristo company and sells log houses under the name of Lapin Punahonka.


LP House was started by one of the owning brothers of the Pellopuu company. There was quite a bit of commotion involving the bankruptcy and the brothers who used to own the company. In the end the brothers were cleared of any wrong-doing. However the damage had been done and the LP House name had a bad ring to it already. Therefore the shift into a Revontulitalot Oy to obtain a clean slate.


Nothing special about this company. To my understanding they have no actual manufacturing instead they subcontract the log frame and other wooden material for their deliveries. This gives them extraordinary flexibility in the manner of delivery contents. They have managed to ramp up their turnover in few short years… Anyway, this is my understanding of the situation, if you want to know more, visit their location and find out more. Be sure to tell us too…

Buying a timber frame house from Finland

Building massive wooden houses has a long history. Wood was readily available in many areas as well as skilled wood workers. In time this meant that standard building and connection methods were developed in the field of timber framing and log house notching. Different areas had also specific styles both for timber frame houses and log houses. This means that for example German massive wooden houses look quite different when compared to ones in Great Britain or Scandinavia but all the while the building principles are the same.

Timber Frame Viking barn roof and ceiling from inside.

Massive timber frame structure remains visible from inside giving a strong character to the building.

Today the situation is considerably different when compared to traditional handcraft building methods for massive wooden houses. Nature conservation efforts and environment protection set strict ground rules for forest industry. The price for skilled wood workers has soared, because of limited availability of professionals.

For these reasons commercial lumber sourcing and automated industrial manufacturing have been combined with advanced digital planning. These methods mean that wood house factories can automatically manufacture a very complex timber frame house or log house design with a push of a button. Computer assisted 3-D designing also helps in fulfilling customer wishes and make it easy for the customer to take part into the design process with the help of 3-D models.

Modern white timber frame house made of wood

Both timber frame house and log houses can have very modern look without losing any of the classic appeal.

Timber frame houses and log houses are very flexible and can accommodate additional building methods, styles and materials like stone, brick, steel and straw-bale. You can fit your massive wooden house into an urban environment among tile clad buildings and nobody could tell the difference from outside as long as you would use similar tiles as your neighbors to finish the exterior of your house.

Inside style doesn’t have to follow the outside, instead it can be drastically different and include oriental style or you can keep the massive timber frames or log walls visible and add to the rustic look or maybe you would like to aim that famous Scandinavian Design style… possibilities are limited only by imagination. One thing is sure, massive wooden houses invite you to try custom built solutions, which are unique for your house alone.

Buying a timber frame house or a log house from Finland is very easy. Just send us your architect drawings, hand-drawn sketches or your own ideas and we take it from there. First we consult you about your specific wishes for your house and general requirements for the project so that we are able to give you overall guidance and tips about the project. Then we will together agree about the next step. Initial consulting is just the first step down the long road of house building process. We will continue by giving you approximate costs for the coming project and related time tables. At this point you will have the information for deciding if you want to continue with the project or not.

If you, like many others, decide that you want to move forward with your house order then we will sign a planning contract for custom designing your massive wooden house. We do this because our accurate 3-D design process has to be done down to manufacturing detail level from the very first line we draw. Unlike normal architectural planning – which is merely a guidance for builders or manufacturers – our plans can be manufactured for delivery immediately after the client has approved them. If for some reason you don’t want to continue with us we will give the finished drawings for you to continue the project with someone else.

We can design a beautiful house for you no matter your starting point. The process runs in cycles as we hand you over the various versions for the outside look and the floor plan of the house. Every cycle will show you the house with more detail and closer to your dream house. Drawings will be modified according your requests and slowly the finished plans are ready for your building license applications and for our manufacturing process.

Seaside villa

Some of the classic elements of log house building include covered porches, open gables and angled roofs.

Wood in general is one of the most convenient building materials and probably the best organic building material in the world. Wood is light weight and strong and it also has a long history as a building material so it is familiar to most builders. When wood is combined with timber framing or log notching, which are among the oldest building systems, you can rest assured that the starting point for your project is very favorable.

Wood grows in layers and there is air tied in between these layers, which makes even structural wood a natural insulation material. When compared to modern industrial materials like steel and concrete wood has a superior insulating value and this doesn’t yet include the thermal mass of the wood. Because of its mass, wood is able to store and release heat and humidity together these qualities transform massive wooden house into a battery, which stores extra energy and releases it when needed.

Timber frame support post and beam structure.

Massive timber frame wood will have visible cracks on its surface due to the drying. Engineered wood will retain the smoothness through the years giving uncomparable style and quality.

Timber frame summer villa

Industrial quality of timber frame building has considerably better finishing quality when compared to traditional hand-carved timber frames. Price is also cheaper and delivery times faster than with traditional massive wooden houses. Together these reasons have skyrocketed the sales volume of industrially manufactured massive wooden houses.

The kiln-dried and glue-laminated wood that we manufacture to be used as raw material for the massive wooden houses has even better structural properties than normal wood. Glue-laminated and kiln-dried wood doesn’t crack or bend as much as normal wood does and the surface has a cleaner look plus it withstands elements better. 

We offer several dimension specifications for our timber and log frames, starting from 88 mm all the way up to 270 mm. The length of an individual post of beam can be 12 meters and this length can be extended by joining two or more pieces together. In case you require custom dimensions for you house. We can manufacture them all the way up to beams with 500 mm as their height or width. 

We use fully automated manufacturing line that comprises of several wood processing units. We can produce the timber frame pieces or logs for a large house in a day while similar house could take months to finish by a team of hand-craft workers. All of the mortise and tenon cuts or log notches and pre-cuts are placed accurately according the original 3-D design and cutting quality remains the same throughout the frame. The most important work left for human eyes and hands is the quality control.

Timber frame systems uses mortise and tenon connections to fix together uniquely shaped timber pieces. Our system follows this tradition and no metal pegs, plates or locks are used. The same is true for our log houses, all the logs are milled to fit perfectly. The overall frame is designed for by using our standard pre-cuts, which ensures that there are no mistakes with the joinery. This means that after you receive the timber frame or a log house kit you are able to raise it quickly piece by piece just following our detailed installation map.

Hirsitalossa on myös hyvä levätä, jos sattuu väsyttämään pitkän päivän iltana.

Massive wooden houses are tremendously energy efficient. Warm atmosphere makes it easy to cozy on a sofa.

Environmental values and energy conservation have become increasingly important topics in housing industry. Massive wooden houses are both very energy efficient and environmentally friendly. It is obvious that since wood grows on its own it doesn’t need much energy input to be a ready product. This is not the case with steel and concrete as well as many other building materials. An added benefit with massive wood is that it functions as a carbon dioxide storage for the time of use and can be easily recycled in the end of the life cycle, which can be even hundreds of years. You are not only building a timber frame house for yourself, you are saving the planet for all of us.

Flexibility has been mentioned many a time with massive wooden houses. It is no different with the utilities and all the modern solutions can be used together with these houses. To emphasize the environmental nature of this building system it is recommended that you include heating system such as geo-thermal heat pump or solar panels for heating of water and creating electricity. Alternatively you might benefit from having a wind mill generating electricity. All the electricity, plumbing, ventilation and lighting designs that you have for your house will be taken into consideration so that the installation is convenient. Machine powered ventilation with air filters makes sure that inside air is super clean even in a densely-built urban area.

The final question that must be settled before delivering the house is the contents of the house kit. We can deliver the frame only or any number of hardware store materials to go with the order. Our preference is that we provide you with the structure and you source the internal and external finishes, utilities and furnish the place when all is built and done.

It doesn’t matter where you build your house. We can help with the actual construction of the house. We can send a team to build or a foreman to oversee the site. In any case you don’t have to handle the task on your own. Languages that we provide are Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Estonian, English, German, French, Italian, Slovenian, Chinese and Japanese. As you can see, in many cases you don’t need a interpreter at the building site.

For starters you can contact:

For Russian speaking markets – Andrey: +358 40 371 6598

For English speaking markets – Jake: +358 45 235 6989