Chances are that you are on these pages because you want to buy a log house or a timber frame house from Finland. I must say that I agree – buying a wooden house from Finland is a brilliant idea. However, you might have found it difficult to decide between different companies. They all claim to have the best raw material, the best technology, the best prices etc. Then there is that extra uncertainty of doing business with a company from a different country.


Buying a log house or timber frame house from Finland is a very easy, convenient, reliable and affordable thing to do. But this is only true if you work with the right companies. Buying a house is really very similar to building a house – you choose the right tool for the job at hand. So, all you need to do to buy a wooden house from Finland is to choose the right partners for your project.

I know Finnish house factories inside out (many of them literally). What I don’t know is your project – so you need to tell me more about it and then I can help you with it.




You can find all the English articles by clicking this link. Remember, if you didn’t find your answer here, please leave me a message in the comments section and I’ll answer as quickly as I can. Oh, I almost forgot, maybe you should start by reading an article about Finnish log home industry (did you know that Finland is the biggest exporter of log houses in the world?).

As a side note here at the bottom of a page I would like to mention one article outside this website. Log houses are often built on rural or remote areas and you generally speaking need a backup system to heat the house. Usually this backup system is a fireplace and firewood works as fuel. Locating on those rural or remote areas you tend to have an easy access to firewood. Why not consider making your own firewood or even starting your own small scale firewood business.

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  1. Tori Stevenson

    Hi we are looking to import a cheap well insulated home into New Zealand. Can you point us in the right direction please? can you give an idea of pricing?

    Many thanks


  2. Jake Post author

    Hello Tori,

    I presume that you want to have a log house. In that case, you have four choice of countries: Canada, Estonia, Finland and USA. I don’t know so much about manufacturers over there, but they do have the benefit of a weak currency against the euro also transportation costs are slightly lower.

    I do know something about manufacturers in Finland and Estonia and my recommendation is that you should choose a log house that is made out of thin glue-laminated logs and that has an additional insulation space. In Finland, you might want to look into two companies that have very strong export profile – Honkatalot and Finnlamelli. In Estonia, you might want to check Ritsu and Palktare.

    Manufacturers in Europe charge between 400 and 700 euros per square meter of a complete wooden material log house kit. If you have any other questions, fire away.


  3. Tore Stathelle

    Hello, I am looking for production of cottage in laminated DD-log for Norwegian mountain use. I am currently in contact with Aurora hirsitalot (Revontulitalot Oy) and some more.
    Do you have any knowledge about this company and others that are producing DD-logs ?


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  5. TJ

    Dear Jake!

    Is is possible also to buy a log house directly from Finland? I have all the plans for my house and now I just need someone to make it for me. I would like to avoid local representatives since they only take a large provision and do nothing. Which are the most popular brands in Finland? I know Honka and Honkatalot and some others. Thanks

  6. Jake Post author

    Hello TJ,

    It is very much possible to buy a log house directly from Finland.

    You have two choices, buy from a company that is focused on domestic market or from a company that is export market focused. Now you might be thinking that is there any point thinking about this… naturally it should be a company with lot of exports, right?

    We have absolutely scorching competition among log house manufacturers in Finland. Even companies in Estonia or Russia, which have much, much lower cost structure shun away from Finnish market, because they are not price competitive enough. They might be able to sell the product with 10% less than a Finnish company, but would you trust Russian quality when it comes to making homes? I tell you, it is a great country, but there is still limited amount of expertise what comes to single house building. They had this thing called comminism going on strong for few decades and they basically built only huge concrete monsters. Estonia is not much different in this aspect.

    So, if you want to buy your house on the cheap, you better look for those companies that do well in Finland. Such companies are atleast Kontiotuote, Finnlamelli, Honkarakenne, Mammuttihirsi and Lapponia House. Of these companies, Honkarakenne is the most known and usually considered as the most expensive. Just contact the company directly and see what they say. If they have a representative in your country they might refer you to there. In that case, you better take price quote based on your plans so that you can get more accurate price information.

    I told about the fierce price competition before. This is the reason why many smaller log house manufacturers find it easier to export. Bigger log house manufacturers might have their fixed dealers in other European countries, which limit the access to obtaining a log house kit directly from the manufacturer. It is usual that the manufacturer just refers interested buyers to local dealers and then there is extra cost involved.

    However, if you buy from a small log house manufacturer, they are usually more than happy to sell anywhere in the world, without regarding any existing sales networks. This kind of small manufacturers include: Lapin Punahonka, Honkamajat, Honkatalot, Artic House and Ikihirsi. This is just to name bit bigger companies in the lot. Oh yes, Erlund Log Houses has done some successful exports to England.

    I can also make a quote for you if you wish. I am also one of those representatives that you fear :) My cut is 5%, which I consider quite reasonable.

  7. Titus van Lieshout

    Dear Jake,
    I want to buy a log house kit, and between all the web pages visited of Finnish Manufacturers my preference goes to one special model: Angelica (1 or 2) from Kontio in laminated round logs (approx. 170 cm diam).
    Some friends of my are also interested in model Brassica (square laminated log of 135 cm diam). By Kontio we were sent to the local Spannish Dealer, to whom we asked for a quote: so far we did not get any response, but I fear the quote will be beyond our economical possibilities. Do you see any change to obtain a economical quote with any other Finnish Manufacturer?
    Thanks in advance for your reply and regards.
    Titus van Lieshout

  8. Jake Post author

    I know of three Finnish log house manufacturers that produce laminated round logs. These companies are Honka, Kontio and Honkatalot. In my opinion, Honkatalot seems to have the lowest price image and fairly good experience on exporting the log house kits. Honkatalot also has a Spanish dealer called Forest House. It is easy for any log house manufacturer to deliver any kind of kit house to you. For this reason, you can get a house that looks like Angelica or Brassica from any log house manufacturer – no need to limit yourself to the one that has some specific model in their catalogue.

  9. Titus van Lieshout

    Dear Jake,

    We had contact last April, and since than I’ve been thinking quite a lot how to proceed with my plans for builing a log house.
    Finally I made my own design (as simple as possible), and meanwhile an architect sent me the first drawings in pdf.
    What I’m looking for is a very competitive quote, for this house, in laminated square log. As I understood from your message you dedicated to this against a 5% commission.
    How can we proceed?

    Best regards.

  10. Jake Post author

    Hello Titus,

    It is as simple as sending me the pdf-file and I’ll quote the price and the contents of the log house. Contents are modifiable some people only take the log frame and rest of the material they source locally or the other end of the spectrum are the ones who take the complete wooden material kit with windows and doors included.

    Best regards

  11. Stefan Keersmaekers

    Can you give an emailadress where we can send a price inquiry to?

    Kind regards

  12. Jake Post author

    Hello Stefan,

    Contact information is available on the site, but I can write it here too. Like many, I try to distract spam bots by giving a generic email, which is: linna at hirsilinna dot com. Also you can use the comment form on the sidebar of this website.

    Best regards

  13. Ruslan

    Hello Jake,

    First of all, I want to thank you for the information you are giving here.

    Of all the Finnish log manufacturers I liked Honkatalot one. Please give your prof assessment of the estimated cost of the two houses I have chosen.
    I hope for your help. Since I generally have no idea about the cost and do not understand what amount count.

    Thank you,
    With Regards
    Ruslan Khassanov

  14. Jake Post author

    Hello Ruslan,

    Final cost is always very difficult to calculate. Can I presume from your name that you probably want to have your house built in Russia?

    In this case the usual delivery contents from a Finnish manufacturer includes wooden materials for the house. Rest of the materials, like roofing, insulation, utilities (water, electricity, heating and lighting), internal finishing materials (when not wooden materials) furnishing must be sourced locally.

    People want to have square meter prices for these packages, but one problem always is the definition of floor area. Usually we use gross floor area to give the prices in square meters. Generally speaking the wooden material package without value added taxes costs about 500 euros per gross floor area. Naturally the shape of the house has a big impact on this.

    The first link that you provided took into Honkatalot gallery with lots of different models, so I cant really tell which is the one you like. The second link to Villa Max is actually not a log house at all. It is a wooden frame house with wooden board cladding on the outside and inside they seem to use gypsum boarding. Similar massive wooden frame buildings you can also find at

    Best regards,

  15. Manuel

    Hello Jake,

    I would like to buy a log house, to be built in Moscow Region, Russia. If you compare Honka, Kontio and Honkatalot, which one would you recommend having the best quality/price ratio?

  16. Jake Post author

    Hello Manuel,

    If you really want to choose between these three… my advice is just to make it a race between Kontio and Honkatalot. Contact them and see, which one gives you better rapport. Christmas being right around the corner don’t expect too speedy replies. The most important part in building a log house kit is the building part. In the end it doesn’t matter much from whom you buy (in Finland). Just make sure they are financially sound and your advance payments are met with some sort of guarantee or maybe you deal with L/Cs. I’d pick one that can present a way for the house to be built in Moscow region.

    Best regards

  17. Manuel

    Dear Jake,

    thanks for your comment.
    “If you really want to choose between these three…” Sounds like you are not really convinced they are a good choice. Any other company you would prefer?

    Best regards,

  18. Jake Post author

    Hello Manuel,

    Honka, Honkatalot, Mammuttikoti, Kontio, Finnlamelli and Kuusamo all have over 10 million euro turnover per year. AFter them there are some good smaller log house manufacturers, which almost solely focus on export markets. I was just trying to ask, why those three and not this list above or some other companies? There must be a reason why you chose them on your shortlist. I am interested in finding this reason. Have you discussed with your local representatives? Are you going to take part into constructing the house or have it built for you?

    Best regards

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